Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Begins!

I've finally gotten around to starting production on the 2008 range of stuff! I can't guarantee when the first toon will be out, but there will be one on February 14th for sure.
Now, since I'm wasting a lot of time today, here's an in depth look at the upcoming projects! Hopefully redundancy will not be coming to town!

"You Don't Wanna Leave"
Runtime ~ 5 min 30 seconds
This is the second music video I'm doing in conjunction with Mike Mangione's fine group of musicians. The tone's gonna be a little more somber than the previous one, but there will be lots of crazy detailed environments, magic, wonder, monsters, and more. The penciling is just starting on this one, and I'm currently starting off with a scene in which the main character wanders into a village of strange mutated werewolf folk. Anyways, I can guarantee it to be a rich fairy tale of fantasy and self discovery, smack in the middle of suburbia.

"Valentine's Day 2008"
Runtime ~ 2 minutes 15 seconds
I really can't give too much away about this one, especially because it is a gift for someone very special and she is probably reading this right now. I can say, however, that animation on this one has finished and I will be filming and editing it somewhat soon.

"SuperVillain IV"
Runtime ~ No idea, probably in excess of 5 min.
Boy, am I excited to do this one. I have been itching to do this one ever since I finished part three, which although almost entirely intentional, left the character in a very dark light. As previously mentioned, this will continue and conclude the rough story arc of SuperVillain's corruption as a result of exposure to unchecked power. This promises to be an epic exploration of power, the ferocity of religion, and the bouancy of outhouses. Giant religious robot battles ahoy!

"Advent of Sock"
Runtime ~ A kajillion bajillion hours.
Another one I'm dying to get started on. Sock proved to be far more popular than I was expecting, and I'm going all out on this one. All I'm really going to say is that Sock's setting his sights higher as the restless souls of the damned pine to take over the land of the living. You can expect to see a massive coup from the depths of hell, a gigantic demon army onslaught, and Sock engaging a war with the gods themselves. This is uh... going to take forever.

Runtime~ Six episodes, roughly 5 to 10 minutes in length each.
"Sezja" and I go way back. This was an abandoned comic project from the early 2000's that I ditched because, well, it made no sense and had no plot whatsoever beyond the first few pages. With some heavy storyline retooling, I think I'm ready to try to tell this epic adventure once more. And yes, it's going to be in color, but all I've got right now is a bunch of black and white sketches and images from the original comic series. It'll be a rockin' 18th century British adventure full of necromancy, wanton cricket rampages, and llamas.

Well there you all go, massive post to start off the year. Hopefully that was interesting and not too redundant, but now you know exactly what's coming at chooo. Form of- Lava soup!