Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sulek Concert!

As I had posted on the comic, Sulek performed at a local block party yesterday. Considering distance issues, etc. I don't think any fans were really able to make it and see them play, so I went and filmed their performances with my new camera (which works great so Advent of Sock being in high definition is now confirmed). They played three songs (Swamp Song, Fall, and Fishin) which you can view below.
Enable HQ for best results.

Anyways, this next week should see the release of SpermRider : Seed of Destruction (don't hold me to that) and some renovation to the site. I just got done putting together the new Games page and I am a little bit super proud of it, which is sad because it's only got one game on it. Hopefully it will fill up soonish once Komix Games and I get some more projects going.

Also this week, I am going all out on Advent of Sock and think I can reasonably finish coloring by the end of the week. After that it should be easily filmed, edited, and released within the following week before May hits. VroomOKhereIgo!

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