Friday, March 11, 2016

Side Projects Assemble! Ganglotron is on the scene!

It has come to my attention that Cafepress quietly disposed of their publishing service in hopes that no one would notice. Which means that the Encyclopedia Retardium is no longer in print. Which means extra despair because I lost the pdf used to print it ages ago. Which means that the thirty or so of you that bought a copy are now in possession of an extremely rare item. But the fact that less than thirty of them sold kind of indicates how worthless that status is.

So, my own personal copy has volunteered to undergo open-air invasive bowel surgery in BarfQuestion Films' first ever attempt at cloning a perfect child!* I am attempting to make the second edition as close to the original as possible, and it is proving to be incredibly difficult. Not on a technical level, but simply because the contents are proving to be woefully unfunny. I have not touched this book in years and it has not aged well, but I suppose that is like saying afterbirth does not age well. The more I think about it, the more appropriate the description of the comic being the afterbirth of my animation career becomes. As a result, I am torn. On one hand I want to charge as little as the new publishing service will allow as a pre-emptive apology, but on the other hand people might take the lower price as encouragement to buy it over the vastly superior volume 2 so I should charge monstrous amounts for it instead. Either way, I will also be releasing the book electronically as a free ebook download.

Oh, what's that about volume 2? Tales of BarfQuestion volume 2 is on the way! If I'm already wasting a bunch of time on compiling one book, why not two? I was going to wait until Syphilis Rice chapters 1-3 were done and theme the next book around them, but there's an entire book's worth of material to cover before we'd even get to chapter 2. I think I'll just withhold Syphilis Rice #1 and save it for the future third and final comic anthology.

With two books on the way in the coming year, I'm also excited to announce that Hitting Stuff at a Building is in the homestretch. No really, I'm serious. We finally stopped procrastinating and started plowing through play-testing. The final bugs are desperately running for cover from the UNHOLY LABOR STORM we are raining down on their filthy nonsensities.

On top of all this, I'm still trucking through the Zehkiflorn trailer. There's probably five? production blocks and I'm mostly done penciling in the first one (plus a bit of inking as well). I've been recovering from some persistent health issues that have limited me to working on remastering content for the books for a week or two, but I'm ready to get back into animating full time. Once the books are finished, it'll free up my spare time so I can also get back to remastering my old films as well.

Two books, a game, various remastered projects, the stray comic here and there, and maybe maybe maybe a feature film trailer oh no please don't give estimates we've talked about estimates you know the trouble this gets you into don't make me say it supervillain 6 2011 stop screaming you brought this on yourself biting me isn't going to solve anything


* The pursuit of creating perfect children is both futile and impossible and the practice is in no way endorsed by BarfQuestion Films, BarfQuestion Games, or its subsidiaries on the scientifically demonstrable basis that children are fucking horrible.