Sunday, December 23, 2007

Year's end!

So that's it for 2007! I've wrapped up the year on a positive note with my new short, "SpermRider - Quest for the Sky Egg," which is a christmasy tale of destiny, revenge, and wanton destruction.
I'd like to thank all my awesome fans who supported me through the year, and NewGrounds plus a few other sites for promoting me so much.
Next year promises to be full of new cartoons! What to expect:
-Various new original shorts
-A new Mike Mangione music video- A suburban knight abandons his family to battle with dinosaurs, werewolves, and an evil wizard who has stolen his car radio.
-SuperVillain IV- With SuperVillain's sanity in question, the Pope launches a crusade against him.
-Advent of Sock- Sock opens a portal to hell and begins flooding the real world with demons and otherworldly monsters.
-Sezja- (miniseries) An overwhelming evil has fallen over England, and humanities only hope lies in a psychotic cricket player who has just been exiled from the kingdom due to cricket related violence. Unwillingly our anti-hero and his newly discovered llama friend will uncover a massive conspiracy to overthrow humanity as we know it.
-And much more!
Well, see you all then! Happy Holidays!