Friday, March 20, 2009

Game Takeover! Comic Postponalanche! RAUGHHHHHHHHH

Some people might have noticed that there hasn't been any weekly comic action going for almost a month now! Sorry about that. The reasoning behind this temporary drought is L;KAJGLKAHSL;GKHALS;DHGLAH SO MANY GIGANTIC FREAKIN PROJECTS. They have, yet again, trainwrecked in a spectacular show of non-cooperation and ill timing.

Basically the SpermRider game is moving ahead a lot more quickly than I had expected. And suddenly I'm facing finishing the game sprites and in addition, doing a ton of soundwork and about eight animated cutscenes.

This means my schedule is pretty shot for Advent of Sock. I was aiming to blast through coloring during the last weeks of March and get it out before April hit, but since the rush has been put on the game this will have to wait. Again. Sorry. I hope to finish off the game as quickly as possible and finish this up in the weeks that follow. This seems to be the neverending project but I assure you it is coming. It's very close to being finished now.

The other issue this business causes is that I really do not have time for the comic, nor the energy. I have managed to draw a few comics but they are really pretty terrible. See example below. Trust me, the neverending comic break is for the best. It'll be back one day soon.

Oh man. Do you see why I'm not updating the comic??