Friday, August 10, 2012

Empire of Tedium

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This 'thing' is one hundred and one shots long. As of right now, fifty two are completely finished. The remainder are mostly only penciled and inked, which leaves the monumental task of coloring, scanning, cleaning, and compositing the frames. I'll still probably add about twenty shots from scratch on top of this. Spell checker, why don't you think compositing is a word. It is a word. Stop bleeding underneath every 'compositing' I type in a poor effort to distress me. 'Empire of Sock' has transformed me into a being of pure distress, your pathetic attempts do not even phase me.

 Compositing, as it turns out, does not save time, much in the same way that sales do not save money, comma. It lures me into biting off way more than I can chew with the reasoning that "well, all of these convoluted, overly complicated shots won't take you as long as it would if you were to do them without compositing", just like a sale that promises "well, if you buy way more crap than you need, it won't cost you as much as it would if you bought all this at the normal price."

Your butt's on fire your butt's on fire your butt's on fire hey
The extra time is more than worth it for the final product though. I just have to restrain myself from giving estimated release dates for any of my projects ever again. 'SuperVillain in 2011' hahahaha. Especially since I'm pushing it back further; once 'Empire' is done, I'll be doing some short things in order to break up the projects that will require a year's+ worth of time:

• A short toon. Not really sure about what yet.
• A 'content transfer' between the Music Video section and the Toons section. I hate the music video tab of the films page. I think the only ones that don't make me cringe in some way are 'Me Not You' and 'The Faster the Treadmill'. I think I'll be re-editing some of the others into exclusive toons, with new music, sound effects, and footage. 'You Don't Want to Leave' is at the top of my redo list as it was tailor made to be unoriginal, cliché, and utterly lacking in the imagination I intended for the piece. If you still want to watch the crappy old versions, they'll remain on YouTube.
• Site redesign! Now that Danielle is helping me with Actionscript, I'd like to make the site into something more unique and less of a blatant rip off.
• Ending this comic drought. I've had serious issues getting back to work on the comic ever since I began ignoring its pleas for attention in order to get 'Empire' done faster.

After these things are out the door, I'll get into 'SuperVillain 6', which already is promising to completely dwarf 'Empire of Sock' in complexity. Also I really need to get around to making SpermRider 3: Spermouroboros.

If you missed it, Sulek's new album "Unbound at Last" is out! It features "The Runaway", which is the song played during the first time travel sequence in 'Valentine's Day 2012'.
Check out their website for more information on purchasing a copy.