Thursday, December 5, 2013

Since it's been so long since I've said anything, read this post in a deaf person's voice for best results.

"I'm barely going to add any new content to Episode 2" was what I said last time. "Maybe. Can't control myself." And as it turned out, I couldn't. What started off as two simple new shots turned into enough new content to almost be its own separate episode. Good that, seeing as episode 2 was looking a little scrawny beforehand. BEFOREHANDS should be a replacement for "BC". I don't know the exact date at which hands evolved but it sounds punchier I think hands are really under-appreciated.

 I don't know when episode 2 will be out. I'm done coloring and scanning it. I've already composited and edited about half of it. I'm aiming for sometime in January, 2014 AD or sometime around January, 100,000,000 AH. But all of you should know how I am with predicting release dates by now.

Speaking of being a miserable failure, boy howdy the site done gone turned to cobwebs. I felt it was best to say that in southern because the website has become tumbleweeds. It just feels pointless updating when it takes time away from production. HOWEVER I have truck full of plans backed up to my house, ready to unload and put into action once Empire is done. Among these are schemes to force me into updating, such as "comic seasons" in which I allocate however long it takes to make about 50 comics, and then make about 50 comics, and then update regularly 2-3 times a week once I'm done. There's some other stuff too, but more on that later. I'M WASTING TOO MUCH TIME I COULD BE USING ON SOCK. MUST MAINTAIN 24/7 HAMSTER VIGIL.