Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Plan for the Fall/Fall Plan (Roll upon impact)

Well summer came and went and I was awfully busy moving and also being kind of lazy/basking in all the attention Seed of Destruction brought in and so I got very little done. However! Summer is ending and I'm blasting back into full gear on all the projects I want to finish by the end of the year! And here's a super longwinded explanation of all that stuff:
This will be the first new addition to the 'toons' section of my films page in well over a year now. The story follows three BarfQuestions that unwittingly find themselves in a vast abandoned underground research facility, where they awaken a freakish experiment.
This took a long long time to animate, but it should go slightly faster now. I plan on submitting this one to a bunch of film festivals, as I've only ever attempted submitting to a film festival once with the Closing Hour back in 2008. It worked out really well then, and I think that it's always good to expand your horizons.
SuperVillain V
The last 2-3 SuperVillain installments have been all sort of wound up in some kind of conflict and have gotten progressively more and more meaty and complicated. I want to step back for a bit and get back to the series' roots this time. There is a 'plot' but it revolves less around conflict and more around SuperVillain doing what he loves in a way we have not yet seen. This will be a quick and fun run around before we get into the super long and complicated plots for episodes 6 and 7.
An adventure game which does not yet have a title
Komix Games and I are planning on doing a SuperVillain game still, however it is being delayed for at least three months, if not more. In the meantime, I sort of inspired myself to do an adventure game after I made this comic:
My programming skills are pretty meager, but I think they'll manage for this. This is one of those projects I don't like announcing because I have no idea if it'll work or not but whatever. I'll give it my best shot. Also games are neat.
I'd like to end the year on a happy short little toon and this will be that toon. Not saying anything else about this for now! Nyarrh!

So there it is. I am also working on a few smaller projects:
• Short graphic novel for the 500th comic
• 4 more main pages, and 2 redesigns for existing main pages
• A ton of new shirts for the store, which is in desperate need of updating