Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inconsequential Swarm of the Tiniest News

Suddenly, there are lots of trivial updates to be sharing with you! I've been doing my annual site tinkering and thought I'd first run over a list of little stupid things I added for you completionists.
* There are 17 new animated gifs on the animated gif page.
* I finally fixed some minor site bugs, including upgrading the films page so that it's not tediously infuriating to navigate.
* There's fourteen new entries (in two directories) on the poorly hidden database section for those who have found/care about it.

Next up, the comic! My new year resolution was to do more of this. I realized that on my YouTube page I've been advertising that I update the comic five times a week (see below image). I then realized I either needed to edit that image or start updating five times a week again. And for some reason updating more frequently seems less inconvenient than modifying an image but I don't know how that works. So be sure to start checking the comic out five days a week again starting Monday, January 24th!

In other news, Sulek is getting close to releasing their third album, "Birds in the Attic!" I'm not doing the artwork for this one, so I hope no one got their hopes up that I would. I actually was pretty involved in the creation process this time, but none of my material worked out. The album title was initially "There's No Bottom," and so I made this concept art/pitch for the band when they asked for artwork:

The idea was that the album artwork, as in "Believer's Lane," would convey a story. This time the band traveled to a city of giants and stole a giant's butt, leaving him with no bottom. They then ran away and fell off the city and fell forever because there was no bottom (again). However that idea wasn't serious enough, so it got dropped and then the title underwent lots of changes. The band decided they wanted to do a bird themed album and asked me for a title suggestion and so I pitched the title "Lookout, Windshield!" but that didn't take either. They finally decided on "Birds in the Attic," and I decided I didn't want to draw birds in an attic, and so I didn't.

In the next episode of "Grey's Excuses," I'll try to justify why I haven't released a new game in over a year!

Anyways, speaking of Sulek- for a limited time they've got a couple of new tracks up for download and some new show dates so check that out at their site!

Up next - Valentine's Day!