Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 is like a pair of conjoined twins but one of them is always doing twice as well.

HOLY RECTAL MUCUS. 2009 is almost over and between delaying projects and not updating the comic, I finally realized how horrifically flaky I've gotten lately! That is terrible because I am disappointing myself for shirking on my dreams. And that's not going to fly anymore. I've decided that my New Year's resolution is going to be to pump out material without regards to my current limitations. Life is too short to worry about whatever it was that I was using as an excuse for delays earlier. Which was probably time or something dumb like that. Wait what?

So with that, I am going to be restarting the comic late this week/the start of next week. I have also prepared some previews for what you can expect in 2010! Enjoy with excitement and anticipation perhaps!

"Valentine's Day 2010"
As with previous years, I can't say too much about this one because the person I'm making it for reads this blog and I don't want to spoil anything for her. But the image kind of gives away what the general setting will be I suppose. Space is all glowy and pretty!

I Fight Dragons music video
This is the music video I've talked about in the last few posts that I'm currently working on for a really combustibly awesome band called I Fight Dragons! I'm still keeping the song title a secret because secrets are fun and you can stash them under things like some kind of hoarding rodent.

Also previously mentioned, this is a big adventure game I am planning to do in Flash! It'll be pretty open ended, feature a ton of fully animated cutscenes, but also have a few central story lines to give it a little bit of direction. I'm still working on coming up with the story/design elements for it, so I don't know what else to say about this. 

"SuperVillain V"
This time around SuperVillain is hitting the beach for a well deserved working vacation. Things are not looking so great for a nearby luxury cruise liner. The perspective in this picture is kind of confusing. This installment will just be a quick fun runaround before I undertake the huge epic story of SuperVillain 6 in 2011.

"Empire of Sock"
This is now confirmed as part three of the now four part story line. There's just too much to be done still to fit into just this one episode. More on it later!

These are the base five projects I absolutely will force myself to get done. If I (somehow) have time left over, there are two standalone toons I will do to close off the year. Additionally there are a couple of other collaborative game projects that could potentially happen but I'm not announcing them because I have no idea if and/or when they'd be done. But no getting those hopes up.
As I've mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of the first four Silent Hill games, so I think I'll close off this entry with photos (click to enlarge!) of this indescribably awesome James & Pyramid Head amigurumi set my amazing, amazing finacĂ©e made for me this year for Christmas. 

If you genuinely liked the new Shattered Memories game you should feel bad.