Saturday, November 19, 2011

EYES! Cease your bleeding!

Are you tired of watching animations in full screen and being treated to this heresy?
Wouldn't you rather be treated to this kind of heresy instead?
Remember earlier this year when I said I put off Empire of Sock for an entire, precious month just to reshoot and remaster my older projects? That's right. They're online now, and making a marginal difference to everyone, everywhere. You can head over to the films page or my new page and start rewatching everything in shiny HD. The 'HD' doesn't stand for 'high definition' (as it's probably not technically HD), but rather 'Hot Dangity' (because it's a lot better than what we had before).

HD Remastering change log of petty changes:
• All animations have been reshot and remastered except for:
 - ARGHHHTOR (because some of the original frames are missing due to being burned during filming)
 - VoyageWaffle (because I was missing the live-action/photo components)
 - You Don't Want to Leave (because I hate it)

• SuperVillain is now semi-colored due to a poor coloring job done several years ago for an On Demand-only TV special.

• Valentine's Day 2007 has new music.

• SuperVillain 3 has slight timing/editing fixes, as well as improved lighting effects.

• SuperVillain IV has additional sound effects for the Popezord's movement.
Meanwhile on the update front: Valentine's Day 2012 is well underway and looking like it might be the largest and most complicated episode yet, which means I'm in for an insanely hectic couple of months (after which I get to enjoy another insanely hectic couple of months finally getting Empire of Sock completed). Hitting Stuff at a Building is, as always, cruising along. It is often cruising in a stationary fashion however, as I'm a jerk and keep holding it back in order to add more stuff in.

In case you missed it, I also released a preview consisting of the first two minutes of Empire of Sock on Halloween. Go check it out!