Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Next Up

The 2008 Wisconsin Film Festival was awesome. Kind of surreal seeing something I had only previously seen on the internet exploded one million percent and projected on the big screen. 
In other bragging related news, the new Mike Mangione video is doing very well; it's been on the front page of for about a week now and took the daily first and weekly third place awards. 
Pre-production is almost finished for the next piece, which is another commissioned music video. This time it's for the very awesome Monarch, and I'll be doing a video for their song "Perform." It's a darker noir piece like "Monarch" and "the Closing Hour," but it's shaping up to be more uplifting and positive because for once it's not about some hopeless guy slowly dying because of a heartless corporation. Yay!
Below are a couple conceptual sketches.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

2008 Relaunch! is now officially in flash with a bunch of snazzy features and content! Plus check out the store for a ton of new merch, including a line of Adventure Toast products just in time for the new Mike Mangione music video!

I upped the number of frames I drew for each sequence for this one, which is something I plan to continue to do because, you know, quality and all that. However updates will be a little more sparse just because I'm taking my time more. Anyways, the new video was fun but I'm looking forward to having more creative control. This one just seems a little bland in certain aspects, but hopefully that's just me. The next project is another music video, but I am super excited and have some really exciting plans for it. I'll be posting sketches and previews as I go.

Anyways, it's off to Madison for the Wisconsin Film Festival! If you're in town, swing by on Saturday and catch "the Closing Hour" on the big screen!