Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Advent of Sock

So I finally managed to finish Advent of Sock! This last week of super explosive updating is hopefully making up for the massive production delay that happened over the last half a year. Anyways, this one clocks in at almost five minutes, and features Sulek's new song "Nothing at All" off of their album Believer's Lane.

The next installment in the series will be entitled "Empire of Sock" and I'll begin production on it later this year. I had previously said that the Sock series would be a trilogy, but I'm starting to think it would be better if it were four parts, as there is just so much stuff that has to be fit into Empire already (Advent was necessary just to set up a fraction of the craziness that will be taking place in it). 

Before I start the madness of production on that however, I'm going to be making two shorter animations.  Everything on the site lately has been bulky and/or series installments, which has left the toons page without any updates for over a year now. My next project doesn't have a title yet but it'll be an upbeat noir-ish standalone story with lots of challenging character animation. Afterwards I'll start on SuperVillain V, which unlike the last two to three cartoons, will be story/drama light and return to the fun, carefree run around style of the first one. Anyways, enough forecasting, I've got more work to get to. See you in a month or two!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rodeo of the Sperm

The gaming event of the century is finally here. You need to go play SpermRider : Seed of Destruction right away. For those of you unfamiliar to the project I've been working on for the last half a year, see the trailer which you'll find a few entries back. (Go play it on NewGrounds if you have an account there so that you can take a shot at unlocking some achievements!)

Originally I had planned for the original SpermRider cartoon to end with a big city rampage and a fight with the military, but I was lazy and into cutting corners back then as it was only my second animation I had done for the site. So in a way this is SpermRider 1.5, and makes up for the scenes I never animated. Anyways, this is the last of SpermRider for awhile until 2010 or 2011. Around that time I'm planning to wrap up the series with the third installment, tentatively entitled Spermoboros for now.

As an added bonus for people who follow the production blog, I made some wallpapers out of the game's loading screen artwork (minus the ugly advertisements). I'll eventually add these to the "stuff" page of the site but I don't feel like updating that yet (as I'm working on some new main pages).
Click on the image/link you want for full size.
Except for the DS theme, click the link for that one.

Well, that was a long post, but this is exciting and exciting things deserve lots of word spewage in an unorganized and frantic manner. Next up, Advent of Sock is on the final leg of the production journey. Once I figure out this crazy HD business and edit it, we'll finally see the little orange guy induce havoc on the world once more and I can move on from this production back up that's been plaguing me for the last half a year.