Sunday, December 23, 2007

Year's end!

So that's it for 2007! I've wrapped up the year on a positive note with my new short, "SpermRider - Quest for the Sky Egg," which is a christmasy tale of destiny, revenge, and wanton destruction.
I'd like to thank all my awesome fans who supported me through the year, and NewGrounds plus a few other sites for promoting me so much.
Next year promises to be full of new cartoons! What to expect:
-Various new original shorts
-A new Mike Mangione music video- A suburban knight abandons his family to battle with dinosaurs, werewolves, and an evil wizard who has stolen his car radio.
-SuperVillain IV- With SuperVillain's sanity in question, the Pope launches a crusade against him.
-Advent of Sock- Sock opens a portal to hell and begins flooding the real world with demons and otherworldly monsters.
-Sezja- (miniseries) An overwhelming evil has fallen over England, and humanities only hope lies in a psychotic cricket player who has just been exiled from the kingdom due to cricket related violence. Unwillingly our anti-hero and his newly discovered llama friend will uncover a massive conspiracy to overthrow humanity as we know it.
-And much more!
Well, see you all then! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another one down

Well, VoyageWaffle is done and online! Next up is the Closing Hour, which is proving to be huge and work intensive and stompy. The penciling is completely done for this, and I have just over a month for inking and coloring the beast, plus post production. After this, I will be spending my winter break leisurely animating the next and final SpermRider movie to end what has been an awesome year, and to usher in a new one with new and improved animations.
At the same time, I will be very excitedly chugging away on game sprites and some more merchandise for the store, as it's selection is sort of limited at the moment. In other news, Sulek has finally unanimously agreed on getting a CD together! Now begins the long and tricky process of getting everything together, which could take a long time, so don't get too excited just yet.
In other news, to those who have been following my stuff for awhile, you may or may not be wondering what is going on with ToastProphet. Well, to be frank, it is a gigantic and daunting project that I will undoubtedly undertake one day (as it will haunt me forever until I do). For now, there is another story I must tell first that I am very excited about. Sezja is it's working title, and it's based off of a very, very old project I once started but never finished. It's a grand adventure involving tea, psychotic Englishman, llama riding and a grand quest for power and destiny. Instead of individual stories each episode, each installment builds on the last, and hopefully one day I can string them together into a short movie of sorts.
Anyways, more on that in 2008.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If this week was a disease, it would be leprosy. Probably.

Hooray for having a spare hour and a half in which to update this thing. This week has been declared a murder week because it has rendered me totally and completely swamped. Pretty much, I have to finish the principal animation/inking/coloring for 'VoyageWaffle' and finishing penciling 'The Closing Hour' by next Monday. For context, I just passed the halfway point on Closing Hour, in penciling terms. WoohoohooGAHRGh.
On the upside, if I can get this all accomplished and out of the way by the start of November, I will be able to concentrate soley on inking and coloring 'The Closing Hour,' with only game art for the SuperVillain game to contend with on the side.
In other news, Dawn of Sock took Daily Feature on and has been accepted into the Halloween 2007 collection/contest! 5's are always appreciated! Also, I sold my very first shirt yesterday, which makes me terribly excited. Whoever you are, you made my day!
Anyways, back to cranking out magic and dreams.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New site!

Well, welcome one and all to the newly registered and redesigned! Run around and smash your face into things, having a good time all the while I hope.
I finally managed to squeeze out a new film, this time centered around a character I began drawing at the very beginning of my BarfQuestion conceptual drawings. Sock was a little manical devil hamster that followed our protagonist around, not really doing much save for being inexplicable evil somehow. I've been up for a solid 17 hours finishing everything up, so I have yet to be able to comprehend if this is going to even be a good film. It is very possible that I will wake up tommorrow realizing I have not even made a film, but in fact wallpapered my room with Tuna Spread.
The other exciting thing that is new is the BarfQuestion store! As of right now, I have four shirt designs to offer you, each on a wide variety of shirt styles and cuts at what are hopefully reasonable prices. You can rest assured your purchases will go towards making you look spiffy and the worthy cause of helping me through college and not starving, etc. Eventually I will post more shirt designs, some other household items, and more importantly graphic novels! Yay.
So what's next? In the next few weeks you can expect a short nonsensical toon of some sort just in time for the 100th comic. Late November, early December will see the long worked on "The Closing Hour" which is a depressing romp through WalMart employee abuse and brain tumors. Late December sees SpermRider return one last time for a grand quest to impregnate the Great Sky Egg.
Anyways, I am off to finish getting the site together. Citizens rejoice!