Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to BarfQuestion

And after a couple months of hard labor, the new, and final commission piece for a long, long time is here! I'm very pleased with it; visually this was a series of experiments and ventures into new territory and it has all paid off quite well, in my opinion. Monarch, the band behind the music, was also extremely awesome to work with and you should check them out (click).
It's hit me now that it's over halfway into 2008 now and I've only done one piece of completely original work. Commission work is good for making new connections and broadening your horizons, but both of these new pieces (You Don't Wanna Leave, Perform) are kind of hybrids and I miss doing 100% my thing. This isn't bad, but I miss my little BarfQuestion universe.

Concept art for SuperVillain IV
The rest of the year is back to regular BarfQuestion programming, and am I ever excited. This next week or so is going towards getting the new BarfQuestion comics compilation book "the Encyclopedia Retardium" out to the printers, and you'll be getting another entry when that's out. From there the rest of the year will see, for sure, SuperVillain IV and Advent of Sock. The frame count on all of these new ones is rising so fast that the number of shorts I can put out has been decreased dramatically. However I also want a small project to accompany each of these, which I will utilize by getting some adventure games together to go on the games page I keep talking about but never doing.
More on that later, better get back to the book.