Friday, April 30, 2010


The update hiatus is fortunately nearing an end, as things are beginning to bear some semblance of sanity again. I've been spending every waking minute on the new music video, but now that's it's completed I can start to relax and resume activities I enjoy like sleeping.

So you're probably wondering that, if the video is done, why it isn't online yet. Like with the last few music videos I've done, the band who commissioned it (I Fight Dragons) wants to delay the release for a week or two until we can do one big coordinated release. 

However, I Fight Dragons is currently on tour and in about a week or so there's a good chance the video will be playing live during their performances. If it begins playing live, I'll post an update on the comic with details of when and where they will be showing it. If the internet was an old radio with a bunch of stations you'd probably rather be listening to I'd tell you to stay tuned! BUT I DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO ANYWAYS. THIS ISN'T A RADIO.

Oh yeah, and the comic will start updating again this Monday (May 3rd).

In older news, the Wisconsin Film Festival was really neat. Watching an enormous projection of something you made with a live theatre audience is intense. At one point I think one of the jokes went over the audiences' heads but about five seconds later one person abruptly went "HAH" very loudly. It was awesome.

So now I begin on the next group of projects! In the sidebar where I list my current projects, you'll notice that the two new game projects now have working titles! These are subject to change but I suck at coming up with titles so they'll probably just stay as they are. I'll talk about these more after the music video is released. 

After the games page is populated a bit, there are going to be loads of series updates for the next 12 months. If you're only sticking around for SuperVillain or Sock episodes, they sure are on their way.

tl;dr- Music video is done and will be out sometime in the next few weeks with a possibility of live showings, the daily comic is coming back May 3rd, plus new games are now in production, followed by more series updates!

In the next post: ACTUAL INFORMATION