Tuesday, November 11, 2008

News of Sock

Last short of the year and boy am I ever dragging my feet (mostly unintentionally). There's been a long series of delays on production but it's well under way now (penciling is maybe possibly somewhere around 50%).
I don't know if I've actually talked about what the deal is with the Sock series yet. Basically, it's always been set to be a trilogy with an ongoing story arc, "Advent of Sock" being the second installment. Herein lies my anxiety for this project, because whereas "Dawn of Sock" and the final chapter are/will be mostly self contained stories, Advent is more of a bridge between the two. It has it's own story but seems to be mostly concerned with setting up for the finale. More Sock has been the most consistent request I've received since I started animating and I feel expectations are a bit high (something I haven't really had to deal with with other series). Hopefully it will meet all of these and surpass them. Here's hoping (and working really freaking hard to do so). 
Less complaining! What I can concretely say about this: Whereas "Dawn" was more centered around Sock's owner, this chapter focuses a lot more on Sock and the underworld. Additionally, Sulek is returning to do the score for this one with a brand new song entitled "Nothing At All."
I'm really pushing to have this out sometime in December, as I need as much time as I can to get started on the next Valentine's Day video which I rather need to have done by that day. 

Wooo business! Let's have a party! What's that smell? Oh, the stress cake is on fire!