Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Comicky Business

Tales of BarfQuestion now has an official comic book out! This is 200 pages of web content as well as completely unseen exclusive features for $19.99! Go check it out, click here!

In the last few weeks my imagination threw a tantrum and I decided to stop the webcomic and stick up an alternate project I was working on. However it takes 10x the work to update that comic twice a week than it does to do Tales of BarfQuestion 5x a week. Right now the monster that is SuperVillain 4 is taking up all my time, but I intend to start doing the regular comic again as soon as possible, most probably on the 14th. So stay tuned dammit!

Is bloody ginormous. The first of two fight scenes has a higher frame count than the whole of SuperVillain 3. On top of this, there is an actual multi-dimensionalish story with character development (!) that has to be conveyed which adds to it. This will probably be surpassing all other projects in terms of frames and work involved, so I will be insanely busy as I still want to get Advent of Sock and the winter holidays special out this year as well as two top secret projects (which are secret because I have no guarantee that they'll pan out). 
I'll be posting tons of making of materials and stuff in the blog once it's released, and you can also expect two new SV shirt designs (actual detailed ones this time), a free downloadable SuperVillain stencil for making your own box/graffiti, and Sulek's SuperVillain EP which contains previously unreleased music from the SuperVillain shorts as well as new music made for the currently under production film.

TL;DR/Version for the ADD- I'm busy, there's SuperVillain stuff coming, and the comic's coming back Monday probably.

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mortypants said...

El dude - you planning on bringing out any supervillain merch? or is there some out already?
REEEEALLY want me a supervillain Tshirt =D
and yes... yes i WOULD buy a supervillain mousemat 8)