Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still chugging along!

Right, I feel bad for unintentionally becoming one of those people who always saying they're working but never have anything to show. Rest assured, I'm pumping all my free time into these upcoming projects, however they are numerous and are all clogging up at the exit of the creationering machine... is that my brain? Maybe the lack of updates is because it sounds like I should be having a stroke. Huh.

'SuperVillain IV' is beyond massive. It's a solid 30% bigger than the previous larger projects and after I finished 'Perform' I've been working harder on coloring and making things look shiny, hence another delay as I'm no longer chicken scrawling with some Crayolas. I am a sixth of the way through coloring, but I haven't gotten to work for awhile on that because of the other projects.

Komix Games and I are teaming up to do a SpermRider game as previously rumored. I can't honestly give a release date for this, especially because I'm not the one doing all the programming so I have little idea of how far we've got to go. But I can say that Komix is a fantastic programmer and this is shaping up to be a very addictive little game. 
Currently working on background art and explosion particles.

And finally, the week hiatus on the comic gave me time to whip up a short 6 page graphic novel type story called 'Glucosian Shank' which will go up on Friday in time for the 300th Tales of BarfQuestion webcomic. Wooooo.

In summation, there will be lots of stuff, round about soonish. Not updating sucks, but the suckage should soon be evaporating into a sunrise of happy awesome new content.

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