Thursday, December 11, 2008

Race to the Finish! Also Capitalism!

Inking is now under way on "Advent of Sock," penciling having been completed a few days ago! It's a big one, and I want this done before 2009 so I am going to be going nuts trying to wrap this one up by year's end.
This one is, as I thought, more of a bridge between the first and third parts. However due to massive cliffhanger action at the end, I have also put together a short trailer for the third and concluding installment which will be released with the short.

Well it's that time of year again when everyone either becomes a rabid advertiser or a rabid shopper. The recent peak in sales reminded me that I have a store, so here is my obligatory holiday plug for the online store! There are lots of things for the holidays from housewares to clothes to all sorts of things!
 Sulek has 2 albums out, which are only going to be in stock for awhile. "Songs from the Doctor's Office" only has a few copies left as I understand, so if you want a hard copy and not a download from iTunes, you'd better jump on them as I don't think they plan to reprint.
If you missed my initial volley of frenzied plugs for it, the first volume of BarfQuestion webcomics is available! 200 pages of the first 260 single panel comics as well as all the online graphic novel-esque shorts, plus several brand new exclusive chapters of content! Go check out the Encyclopedia Retardium! OK, that enough of that. I feel dirty now. DIRTY.

Well, happy Decemberish season! Hopefully I'll be posting again this month with a completed Sock toon in tow!

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