Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey look over there! It's AN UPDATE. Almost.

First of all, there's a new full length Sulek album out (and I really should update the store with a link to it already)! For those of you looking to get it, you can buy a physical copy with a bunch of new artwork by me here or download it from iTunes by searching for Sulek. The album features a whole bunch of new and very awesome songs that you might have heard in SuperVillain 4 and Valentine's Day 2009 and some new ones that you'll be hearing over the course of the year in upcoming BarfQuestion projects. In short, check out Believer's Lane right now.
SpermRider : Seed of Destruction is a game. That is very awesome. Let me tell you about it in broken, fragmented sentences. About half a year ago Komix Games and I started development of an entirely hand drawn and physics heavy flash game based around the SpermRider series on this site. At this point it's practically done, and we're just working out the last few bugs and getting it sponsored. 

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The game features a story mode with five levels, and in addition, four unlockable mini-games that range from challenges to letting you build your own custom scenarios. It also sports 2-3 minutes of brand new animated SpermRider action in the form of cutscenes that you'll find in the story mode and three tracks from Sulek including the classic Ski Bumps and two tracks from Believer's Lane (Midnight Train and Rhubarb). 

It's hard to pin down, but I think this should be wrapped up and ready to go in the next week or two, but I can't promise anything. Also, if you haven't noticed, I am over my horrible writer's block and the comic is updating once more!

Well I'll see you guys once the game is out, and again when I finally finish Advent of Sock, which I will now proceed to furiously color as this movie just needs to be done already. Be done.

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