Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November is the time for Novembering. And really long posts.

I finally wrangled together all the material I was talking about in my last post and as you may have noticed, the site is a bit revampy! And by that imaginary adjective I mean there are four new main pages, some new shirts, and a ton of new content on the Stuff page! So now I can chill out, plug some new stuff and share a surprising amount of preproduction material from Grumatorium (which is surprising because I rarely plan anything out ever which I guess is why I'm using the bathroom in the kitchen while no fewer than three objects in the house are melting somewhere in the house).

These are probably my first ever storyboards and I still can't remember what possessed me to do these because I hate storyboards. Anyways, click to enlarge as they are quite shrunkined. In these you can see that the monster was initially called a Grue after the text adventure monster of the same name before I was able to come up with a real name (which is Pluggith, for those of you without compulsion disorders who didn't go through the movie frame by frame during the activation sequence). However the Grue bit mutated into Grumatorium eventually during a late night stupor during which I convinced myself that a 'Morguatorium' was a real word/building in which people were being dead. 

As I worked on this, for awhile I was intending to inject some bulky continuity into my work concerning the humans trying to genocide the BarfQuestions because they got in their way of being boring and monotonous. I scrapped most of those ideas due to them being boring and stupid but the laboratory they're running around in still has plenty of signs pointing towards that intention.

For those who missed it, NewGrounds was awesome and ran a huge banner ad for about a week featuring ten select Halloween movies, one of which was mine. I love NewGrounds. Except for all the people who didn't bother to watch until the end of the credits and then proceeded to ask me continuity questions.
Back to the new stuff for the site, my little hidden away animated gif archive on the Stuff page quadrupled in size, so if you're the kind of person that needs to put gifs on bloody everything you should go check that out!

Additionally I made two new shirts which are now available for purchase! A SpermRider shirt which was requested a lot after Seed of Destruction was released and also a new SuperVillain shirt because the design just had to be done.
So what's next? I've been commissioned to do a music video by a brand new band which I was going to keep secret, but they already leaked it. So the new video is for I Fight Dragons, and they are punchintheface awesome so you should check them out. Above is the only other thing I'll release about the video (the main character) and also the fact that it will involve a type of traditional animation that I don't think has ever been done before.

That's all for now. I'll be back hopefully within a couple months with the new music video completed! Thanks for reading this rambly post. Speaking of rambling ramble rambly rambleton. Oh and the comic is starting up again this Monday. I hope. Ramblepants.

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