Thursday, December 13, 2012


A few days ago, I opened the channels for viewer input on a new distribution method for future BarfQuestion animations. The polls are closed and I am urping various gratitudes all over the floor in liquid format; please feel free to take some home. Buckets will not be provided.

The story so far: As monochromatic chicken-scratch evolved into actual effort, I've had an increasingly hard time dealing with ever-extending production times. I began using a digital composition technique to offset this, but not until recently have I discovered how to use it quickly and efficiently. Many months were lost.

However, the future projects I have planned are even more maddening than the long awaited 'Empire of Sock'. Updates could potentially be years apart. The solution: EPISODIC RELEASES.

From now on, animations will be split and uploaded as 1-3 minute 'episodes'. When the project is finished, I will release all of them together as a complete and uninterrupted film. This changes nothing about the actual projects themselves, except that now it's as if you have the option to 'stream' them over extended periods of time. It's like the worst internet connection you could possibly imagine!

 If you hate this new system and it is ruining your life: simply refrain from laying eyes on the episodes, and wait for the complete releases. If you hate this new system, it is ruining your life, and you do not have the self-control necessary to wait eons for the full product: please avoid food and addictive substances as you are prone to ruin your life even more if you haven't already in which case you are probably pretty offended right now! Good!

And thus, the first of three episodes cometh in early 2013.

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