Monday, February 9, 2015

Way down south where the dairyswamp flows

After the chaos of Sock, I've been busy with some pretty low key stuff- namely comics and continuing to overcomplicate the already dated-looking 'Hitting Stuff at a Building'.

If you've been following the comic, you'll have noticed Syphilis Rice #2 is finally underway! I don't remember comics taking this long at all, increasing quality standards is troubling business. My normal forty hour work week only nets me two full pages which I find extremely distressing. I've been obsessively following a serialized comic called 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' for the last five years and I have no idea how the author manages to cope with pumping out 40 pages a month.

Syphilis Rice #2's thirty pages should see me well into May, a fact that I am not terribly comfortable with. I'd do overtime to hasten it, but I'm already putting in overtime to work on 'Hitting Stuff at a Building'. I would really like to finally publish another comic anthology featuring Syphilis Rice #1-3, but the work to do the third and final chapter would require several more months (plus some extra time to actually format and publish the book). I'd really like to get going on those insanely complex film festival projects already, so I'm not sure what I'll do yet.

Since BarfQuestion Games has its own schedule (because it's something we do during weekends), 'Adventures of Puddlenaut' should be ready to start production once 'HSaaB' is completed. I've also been kicking around the idea of making lots of tiny, stupid mobile games but we'll just have to wait and see if my schedule will allow for it. I'm also putting off the site redesign until the first film festival project is nearly complete, so you're stuck with the current, moth-eaten design for a few more years yet. Additionally, I had planned to do the final Valentine's Day project right after I finished Empire of Sock, but when I designed and storyboarded it, I realized that there was absolutely no way it would be done in time. Some other year perhaps!

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