Friday, July 31, 2015

RIP Flash

Up until now, I've been very obstinate about sticking with Flash, despite its plummeting popularity and support. Filmmaking has been a lifelong dream of mine, but in my late teens and early twenties, flash websites featuring animations and games were a big inspiration to me, such as Newgrounds and Homestar Runner. However, with the recent maelstrom of exposed vulnerabilities and malicious exploits found in Flash, I've finally come to accept that the ride has probably been over for quite some time. At least it coincides well with my transition away from web-based content and into film festival projects.

a terrible, incomprehensible reject comic- just for you!
My vision for the new website design is pretty specific, and I'm not quite sure which formats will be capable of realizing the new design while still being convenient to visitors (and hopefully mobile users as well). We're going to be sitting down once HSaaB is done and going over our options. And not just in search of a programming language to write the site in, but also a platform for future games. It's a shame, Flash could have been so perfect for both of these things.

hitting stuff at a building: seriously almost done, for real this time
Having grown up alongside the internet, I'm sad to see it devolve into a platform that caters specifically to unwarranted self importance, parasitic advertising, and absurdly overblown and unethical government surveillance. The new site will probably be largely self-contained and even more esoteric as a result. YouTube is walking a fine line, and the instant they switch over to a more intrusive advertising model, I'll be done with that service.

just remembered that this game was announced in 2010, can i feel any more disappointment and hatred toward one game? oh wait, portal 2
Here is a rough release schedule for the next several years (?), which as always, is bound to change at any time:
• Hitting Stuff at a Building (2015, hopefully)
• Zehkiflorn reveal trailer
• the Adventures of Puddlenaut game
• Website redesign launch
• Zehkiflorn
• Valentine's Day Forever

If you're awaiting a project that doesn't appear on this list, don't despair yet. There's almost definitely news regarding it just around the (maddeningly over-complex labyrinth made entirely of) corner(s).


Doomroar said...

I feel obliged to ask but what is wrong with Portal 2?

Grey said...

Bleak but witty premise of the original was swapped out for Pixar-inspired zany wacky funtimes, never builds any atmosphere because all the comedy robots won't ever shut up making what was once an eerie and surreal experience into a cluttered and annoying one, about five jokes total in the entire game that get endlessly repeated, beautiful environments you don't get to explore with portals thanks to excessive idiot-proofing, Stephen Merchant, boring painting simulator segments, etc, etc.