Sunday, January 8, 2017

The SuperVillain Abortions

I'd like to talk about a huge mistake I made: SuperVillain 6. Originally advertised as coming out in 2011, the lingering promise of this sequel quickly proved to be hilariously or infuriatingly wrong depending on what type of fan you are. As previously mentioned, in a few days I'll be abandoning the internet and setting off to work on real films which means SuperVillain 6-10 get to join Codefenestration, ToastProphet, and Sezja in the dead project corpse furnace.

Way back when I only had whorish dreams of pumping out web-based episodes of series until they ran dry, I originally had the ambition of making five more SuperVillain cartoons solely on the rationale that "SuperVillain X" sounded like a cool title for a final SuperVillain short. As such, the plots were gimmicky and repetitive, even for a series that consisted of nothing but a little creature going around and hitting people with various objects. It got to the point where one plot outline was just SuperVillain on a plane that goes down on an island and it makes everyone's life hell during an already traumatic event. That's when I knew this had gotten out of hand and I needed to reel this crap in.

So the series was narrowed down to just SuperVillain 6 and 7, with SV7 being the final installment. For years the scripts have been rotting away on my computer, so I will summarize them here, accompanied by low effort scribblytimes.

SuperVillain 6
SuperVillain 6 is essentially an edgy re-skin of SuperVillain IV, a fact I realized during pre-production that really put me off the project. It concerns another BarfQuestion-type thing (named "OtherVillain" in the script) that lives in a junkyard and is obsessed, perhaps even erotically, with SuperVillain. Its den is lined with newspaper articles about SuperVillain, which this other villain lovingly caresses while breathing heavily. To this end, it has created a winged robot suit out of scrap metal in order to be just like its hero.

Meanwhile, SuperVillain sets up a bear trap in a changing station and wrecks havoc at a carnival by getting into a fight with a gang of alcoholic clowns. Fortunately this terrible concept is promptly exploded by OtherVillain who flies in, unleashing a barrage of lasers and missiles. Because these are things you can build with the contents of a junkyard.

SuperVillain is put off by this wanton destruction because there's nothing left to ruin, and so it leaves dejectedly. OtherVillain is saddened by the lack of acknowledgment from its hero and pursues SuperVillain, spreading destruction in its wake and ruining all of SuperVillain's fun. SuperVillain finally has enough of this and attacks its fan in retaliation, only to take a claw in the eye. OtherVillain is horrified at what it has done, but is also seemingly aroused by the blood on its claws, shuddering as it licks them off. This is an "improved version" of the script, as in the original they only fought it out in pure territorial rage. I eventually made a more "improved version" of this script by crushing it into a ball and throwing it in the trash. However even in ball form it was still too edgy and somehow managed to cut my bin in half and I had to buy a new one.

SuperVillain sleeps off the facial impaling while OtherVillain destroys the city. We cut to a man with a spatula-sized facial scar watching the news. He gets up and opens a high tech closet, inside which is the Hero suit from "SuperVillain II". The Hero arrives on the scene and fights OtherVillain.

Meanwhile, SuperVillain has some bad dreams about being bored/burning to death and wakes up, having apparently gone through the "SuperVillain IV" emotional arc again where it decides to get back into business despite the recent defeat. SuperVillain joins the fray as the Hero is about to win, and the Hero offers SuperVillain his hand in friendship. SuperVillain instead tugs the Hero into the path of OtherVillain's oncoming attack, and spends the rest of the fight using the Hero as a human shield to soak up OtherVillain's ammunition. With the Hero out of commission, the two villains enter a nearby shopping center where SuperVillain amputates OtherVillain's gatling gun tail with a heavy duty paper cutter.

Turns out OtherVillain somehow also built a flying fortress under the junkyard because ??!?. The fortress enters the city and begins destroying it some more, but SuperVillain piggybacks on the retreating OtherVillain and lands atop the fortress to continue this bloated and completely disinteresting fight. Meanwhile the Hero presses a button on his suit and turns purple, giving him the ability to shoot a solidifying, volatile gas. BECAUSE ??!?. All three duke it out on the roof of the flying fortress, with OtherVillain getting sucked into a jet turbine by a tape measurer. Somehow the Hero ends up dangling off the ledge of the fortress, and SuperVillain kicks his fingers off, sending the Hero plummeting to his death. 

We cut to a "SuperVillain Support Group" which consists of a lot of bandaged people and kids suffering from shaken baby syndrome. SuperVillain shows up and terrorizes the PTSD victims by pouring salt into a burn victim's full body cast. And with that, this disgustingly excessive and utterly redundant cavalcade mercifully comes to an end. After three separate drafts all made with the intent of making this less generic, I hate this thing more than ever and am very glad I dropped it in favor of Empire of Sock. Unfortunately it is far from the worst idea I had for this series…

SuperVillain 7
Winter has come and humanity has finally had enough. Fork Laboratories (the organization from Grumatorium) is created by the government with the intent of putting an end to SuperVillain and general BarfQuestion related destruction as a whole. The military is deployed in full force and SuperVillain must escape its apartment building while fending off tanks with a gas station squeegee.

Replacing the trademark cardboard mask for a more bulletproof one made out of an ammo crate, SuperVillain escapes the military blockade only to be greeted by Fork Laboratories' secret weapon: a multicolored nudibranch-like mutation that absorbs all living matter. It has been busy eating lab workers, so it is now an amalgamation of human limbs. Because of its voracious nature, the Lab has brought in a portable nuclear reactor/emitter/MacGuffin to suppress and guide the creature.

Of course SuperVillain eventually ends up behind the controls of the reactor and starts blasting the monster with nuclear energy because we are miles above the shark at this point. The deus-ex-machina reactor goes into meltdown while in use for some reason, probably because it (like us) wants out of this horrible project, and promptly explodes.

The evacuated townspeople watch the mushroom cloud from a nearby cliffside, when a flaming scrap of SuperVillain's tie drifts through the air and wraps around a kid's face, sending him screaming off the cliff. The end.

Well, you're all welcome for not making these. Hopefully your confidence in me hasn't been shaken too hard. There were a scant few ideas from these scripts that were worth saving, and have made their way into a future project. I've omitted them from this post for this reason, and also because it makes these plot summaries look even worse. LET US ALL HATE ALONG TOGETHER.

It should be apparent by now that I intended for all of my web content to be part of the same timeline (check it out while it's still available), and even more apparent that I want a fresh start from this mess where I can fully explore my ideas and do some actual world-building without the restraint of this pre-existing and poorly explained continuity quagmire. You might notice a few loose ends on the site here and there for the next few days while we switch over to the new website design, including some pre-release anniversary content (like this post and the timeline for example) if you hunt around a little. I'll see you all one final time on or around the 12th!


Doomroar said...

You know Super villain 6 and 7 actually sound like they would be fun things to watch, plenty of dumb nonsensical violence, and probably the first time someone makes one of those cute and colorful, inoffensive nudibranches to be the opposite of their nature (they are not even poisonous they just taste bad, cute little things).

The barfing question remains however, why now? i am sure there's, probably, maybe, one fan out there that has been waiting half a decade for this, and then it is going to read this and be deeply emotionally confused.

And i am sure there's another one out there, with a lesser amount of time as a fan, who may or may have not made a watchlist on NG about supervillain, that may or may not be wondering if there are any chances of you giving these ideas away to another animator with lower sensibility standards, in order to continue the shamefully distasteful, edgy, and embarrassing tale of supervillain.

Also, any chances you will be deleting from the face of the interwebs any of your older, less mindful, more immature, uninspired, aberrant (which i enjoyed) content? now that you are making an exodus towards a different phase on your creative path?

And finally, seeing how you are venturing into a new path of creative endeavors, what could we expect from Barfquestion productions in the future? Is Barfquestion even the proper nomenclature to address you with on these new changing times.

Grey said...

Why now?
The upcoming trailer will shed some light on this. Actually, considering that only diehard fans read this blog anymore, here's a treat for you handful of loyalists:

This will grant early access to the anniversary website redesign beta, and if you click the TV screen to the left of the arcade machines you can see the Zehkiflorn reveal trailer a few days early. That will probably answer a few questions. It may take up to 24 hours to update on worldwide DNS servers/web hosting servers, so try back later if it doesn't work right now.

Go do that, then read the rest of this.


Despite a few cosmetic similarities, these works have almost nothing in common. As far as fans making their own continuations, I really don't care what people do/make as long as it's not for profit/commercial in nature. Fanart is fanart, it's fine by me. Like I said, I removed the few ideas I actually liked from these scripts (and this post) for exclusive use in Zehkiflorn, so there's little chance of anyone stepping on my toes. However I'm not going to, for example, endorse any fanwork as a semi-official/official sequel or anything - not out of lack of trust in anyone specifically, but because I've watched every series I love be utterly destroyed by officially licensed fan-written continuations.

The new site contains all of my old animations within the capsule machine and I'll most likely be preserving my old accounts (YouTube, Newgrounds) for posterity. I'll at least continue to favorite fanart on NewGrounds since I plan on maintaining the account, if for nothing else, so that I can keep donating to the site that supported me on my path to financial stability. I think it's pretty natural for artists to hate their old work (otherwise why strive to improve at all?), but I recognize how valuable it all was in learning how to animate on a standard that I'm (currently) satisfied with. If other people can enjoy it, then that's great too.

Even though I'll be rebranding a bit for my new film productions (not sure into what exactly yet), BarfQuestion Films/Games/comics, etc will live on inside this virtual fungus-lit street indefinitely. We've yet to implement a lot of features like the new comic and news readers, new video players, new merchandise, etc so at least the website infrastructure will receive updates for awhile yet. I'll probably continue to remaster my animations in HD as well.

Oh plus, there's still a few dozen comic updates yet that will be posted in one giant lump on the actual 10th Anniversary including Syphilis Rice 3 (although early access to that (and a fraction of the normal comic updates) are hidden on the original site if you look hard enough).

Doomroar said...

I see so it is a statement on how these two similar works are completely unrelated, a knife to kill off any speculation that may surface, got it.

Oh i am glad to hear that you will not be detaching yourself completely from your old work, which is not a rare practice among artist as they age.

Yes new Syphilis Rice that's great.

Morianer said...

As a die hard fan, I'm sure this is only the beginning
I will continue waiting

Brent Murray said...

I have been waiting for SV6 and 7 since they were first announced and will continue to wait because the plots sounds so awesome