Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The paths of a lost fungal spore and a validation-seeking plastics factory worker gradually and disastrously converge as their ambitions bring them into contact with horrific aspects of humanity.

Zehkiflorn will be the first in a trilogy of films, with each film being vaguely inspired by a series of animated shorts that I created between 2007 and 2014 for the internet.

Q: Are you seriously just remaking all your shit again?
A: Despite a few cosmetic similarities, Zehkiflorn has almost nothing to do with the SuperVillain series.

Q: What about SuperVillain 6?

Q: What about Rictus of Sock?
A: After Zehkiflorn, I'd like to use my ideas for Rictus in my second film project. Unlike Zehkiflorn, it will draw more heavily on the Sock series for inspiration.

A: Consider "Empire" to be a bad end where the destruction caused by the warring Gods prevented humanity from overcoming the crisis. More info buried in here. 

Q: Okay okay (NOT OKAY), is Sulek at least doing the music?
A: Nope, the film's contents are not something they want to be associated with. I don't want to rope any musicians into the eternal rollercoaster that is this film's incomprehensibly long production time, so I'm not specifically recruiting anyone at the moment.

Q: What's up with the website?
A: Besides it being just the neatest thing ever? For starters, it's still in beta, and we will add in more features over the next year (improved video player, embedded comic and news readers, new merchandise, 1990's mode for shitty computers, bug fixes, etc). It might not be terribly friendly with older browsers, but it is mobile compatible.

Q: I can't think for myself and therefore can't find anything on the new site?
A: Idiot proofing successful!

Q: Will we never see you again?
A: Bye!


kierian123 said...

Good luck and thank you for the many years of entertainment.

Metreon said...
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Metreon said...

I've been a fan of your work for as long as I can remember and while i'm a little sad i wont get to see Rictus of sock i'm exited to see how Zehkiflorn turns out I hope you have a good time making it too

Aydan Lopez said...

I've been a fan of your work for a very, very long time. I'm eternally grateful to my cousin who introduced me to you those many years ago. I wish you the best in your creative endeavors. I would hope nothing more than for you to continue to follow your passion, Sulek or no.
But hey... are those guys still planning something? After Unbound at last, they've been quiet.

Will Hart said...

Did you miss the Valentines Day this year? Anyway, happy to see you are still around.