Friday, May 20, 2011

Messy, Poorly Drawn Keyframes Sure Make Great Teasers

Penciling on Empire of Sock is, as always, taking forever for a variety of reasons. While you wait, please enjoy the complementary peanuts (both invisible and intangible) and these teasers consisting of malfunctioning rough sketches/keyframes (that I've since turned into much prettier actual frames).

At one point I was having serious difficulties animating how Ceriazibus' heads split open and ended up drawing it like a tiny bird.
Final product guaranteed to be 500% less cute. Anyway, I'll get back to you in five years when all the animating is finished.


Blibdoolpoolp said...

Looks awesome so far. I'm especially fond of the third one down and am currently attempting to make it my background image for all those roommates who should try to use my computer.
Also, just wondering, but do you intend to put out a second book in the future? Not asking for one soon, just loved the first and want to know if a second is a possibility.

Grey said...

A second book has been on my to do list forever. My intent was to finish Syphilis Rice (another 2 chapters) and then release a book themed around it (including another 200-300 regular comics from the site).
Maybe I'll finally get around to it once Empire and SuperVillain 6 are completed. Mysteries!