Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another one down

Well, VoyageWaffle is done and online! Next up is the Closing Hour, which is proving to be huge and work intensive and stompy. The penciling is completely done for this, and I have just over a month for inking and coloring the beast, plus post production. After this, I will be spending my winter break leisurely animating the next and final SpermRider movie to end what has been an awesome year, and to usher in a new one with new and improved animations.
At the same time, I will be very excitedly chugging away on game sprites and some more merchandise for the store, as it's selection is sort of limited at the moment. In other news, Sulek has finally unanimously agreed on getting a CD together! Now begins the long and tricky process of getting everything together, which could take a long time, so don't get too excited just yet.
In other news, to those who have been following my stuff for awhile, you may or may not be wondering what is going on with ToastProphet. Well, to be frank, it is a gigantic and daunting project that I will undoubtedly undertake one day (as it will haunt me forever until I do). For now, there is another story I must tell first that I am very excited about. Sezja is it's working title, and it's based off of a very, very old project I once started but never finished. It's a grand adventure involving tea, psychotic Englishman, llama riding and a grand quest for power and destiny. Instead of individual stories each episode, each installment builds on the last, and hopefully one day I can string them together into a short movie of sorts.
Anyways, more on that in 2008.

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