Saturday, October 13, 2007

New site!

Well, welcome one and all to the newly registered and redesigned! Run around and smash your face into things, having a good time all the while I hope.
I finally managed to squeeze out a new film, this time centered around a character I began drawing at the very beginning of my BarfQuestion conceptual drawings. Sock was a little manical devil hamster that followed our protagonist around, not really doing much save for being inexplicable evil somehow. I've been up for a solid 17 hours finishing everything up, so I have yet to be able to comprehend if this is going to even be a good film. It is very possible that I will wake up tommorrow realizing I have not even made a film, but in fact wallpapered my room with Tuna Spread.
The other exciting thing that is new is the BarfQuestion store! As of right now, I have four shirt designs to offer you, each on a wide variety of shirt styles and cuts at what are hopefully reasonable prices. You can rest assured your purchases will go towards making you look spiffy and the worthy cause of helping me through college and not starving, etc. Eventually I will post more shirt designs, some other household items, and more importantly graphic novels! Yay.
So what's next? In the next few weeks you can expect a short nonsensical toon of some sort just in time for the 100th comic. Late November, early December will see the long worked on "The Closing Hour" which is a depressing romp through WalMart employee abuse and brain tumors. Late December sees SpermRider return one last time for a grand quest to impregnate the Great Sky Egg.
Anyways, I am off to finish getting the site together. Citizens rejoice!

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