Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If this week was a disease, it would be leprosy. Probably.

Hooray for having a spare hour and a half in which to update this thing. This week has been declared a murder week because it has rendered me totally and completely swamped. Pretty much, I have to finish the principal animation/inking/coloring for 'VoyageWaffle' and finishing penciling 'The Closing Hour' by next Monday. For context, I just passed the halfway point on Closing Hour, in penciling terms. WoohoohooGAHRGh.
On the upside, if I can get this all accomplished and out of the way by the start of November, I will be able to concentrate soley on inking and coloring 'The Closing Hour,' with only game art for the SuperVillain game to contend with on the side.
In other news, Dawn of Sock took Daily Feature on Newgrounds.com and has been accepted into the Halloween 2007 collection/contest! 5's are always appreciated! Also, I sold my very first shirt yesterday, which makes me terribly excited. Whoever you are, you made my day!
Anyways, back to cranking out magic and dreams.

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